Short Term Home Insurance

There are times when it is necessary to leave your property unoccupied for renovation purposes or when you want to take a vacation. In such a case, you need to get a short term home insurance to cover your house against damages while it is empty. Most of the insurers do not offer full-term insurance policies for houses that are left unoccupied for periods longer than 30 days. If you are going to spend more than 30 days away, you need to take a specific short term house insurance. It will cover your building and also the property inside. However, if you want to have adequate cover for both the buildings and the contents, you can take short term building insurance and short term contents insurance, respectively.

You need unoccupied home insurance short term in the following instances.

  • When you are going for a long trip
  • When your house is under renovation, and there is a need to move to temporary accommodation
  • When you have acquired another home but you cannot move in immediately
  • When you have moved to a new home and you are waiting to get a buyer for the old home
  • When your house is awaiting probate

How Short Term House Insurance Works

Short term home insurance has the same coverage as the standard home insurance. However, it extends its coverage to protect your house against increased risk, especially when it is unoccupied. When you are taking a trip for more than 30 days and your house is left empty, consider short term buildings insurance unoccupied. However, if the house will still be occupied during that period, then a short term house insurance occupied and short term home contents insurance will be suitable.

When your house is empty for long, it becomes susceptible to vandalism and break-ins, fires, wear and tear such as dripping water pipes due to lack of maintenance. They may end up damaging the house and increasing the cost of claims. Short term house insurance unoccupied can range from seven days to 12 months. If you are traveling for a period between one week and three weeks, it is economical to get 1 month home insurance.

Short Term Home Insurance Coverage

A short term home insurance offers you the following coverage:

  • Short term building insurance. It covers you against the cost of repairing or rebuilding structures and fixtures of your house. This is in case it is damaged by fire, lightning, flood, storm, theft, break-in or vandalism. If you plan to leave your house unoccupied, then get unoccupied home insurance short term.

  • Short term home contents insurance. Short term contents insurance cover the cost of repairing or replacing damaged the contents of your house. When you leave a house unoccupied, its contents become susceptible to damages through fire, smoke, break-ins, lightning, floods, vandalism or theft. You will need to pay an extra cost to cover your house content. It is a good deal to ensure that your home is fully protected.

  • Legal expenses. Some short term home insurance covers the legal costs that you will need to evict a person who stays in your house while you are away without your knowledge.

  • Property owner's liability. It covers you against any claims from the third party due to damages to their homes because of your home.

Short Term Building Insurance Quotes

Various home insurers have varying processes for their insurance and they all come with specific policies. You need to shop around to get the best deal. Money Supermarket will help you to compare and get a cheap quote for temporary home insurance. You can also compare prices online and get a company with the best deal. Feel free to ask for a home insurance quote since a little effort and time could save you a fortune.

The premiums for short term house insurance unoccupied are often higher compared to those of standard home insurance. This is because the house is left unoccupied and hence it becomes susceptible to vandalism and break-ins. This increases the risk of an event taking place. A small problem could also escalate if no one is there to rectify it immediately. For this reason, insurers see it as a more significant risk hence increasing the premiums. Therefore, you must get a cheap home insurance quote. However, you can reduce the monthly premiums by installing security features in your home. For instance, you can install security cameras, which can significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

Holiday Home Insurance

If you just bought a second home suitable for the holiday home probably by the seaside, you must be very excited to move in. However, before you can move in, you need to consider home insurance for both houses. Short term building insurance will cover the cost of repairing your home, while short term house insurance occupied will include the holiday home while you will there. Besides, you can also get short term property insurance for the holiday home so that all the property in the house will be secure. Apart from securing the property of the holiday home, you also need to cover the building. In this case, consider short term buildings insurance occupied.

Short Term Home Insurance UK

If you have standard home insurance for your home, it may not cover you for damages when the house is left unoccupied. For this reason, you will need to get a specific short term home insurance unoccupied. However, even with this insurance, some insurers have restrictions on the amount you can claim for theft and damage. You will also need to install security features for the house while it is unoccupied. Some insurers will require you to visit your premises frequently. Therefore, it is crucial that you get the best deal. Make sure to compare prices and policies to get the best deal.