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Student Car Insurance Deals

You are young, free, and you've just passed your driving test! Ah, the life of a student! The only problem is the loan seems to go out quicker than it comes in, as you learn the hardships of the financial knife edge. The last thing you need to think about right now is insuring your car. You have places to go, people to see, and too much work to do. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from it. Unless you want to declare your new car off-the-road then you will need some car insurance.

Car insurance does not come cheap for students. This is because students fall into a category that is considered higher risk for insurers. This is partly because students tend to be young and inexperienced drivers, and perhaps partly to do with the higher crime areas that they tend to live in. Students are sometimes targeted for theft. Student car insurance is usually more expensive than it would be for older more experienced drivers. Hence it's wise to be on the lookout for student car insurance deals

Student Car Insurance Discount

The main way to have any chance of a student car insurance discount is to shop around. Price comparison websites make this easier than ever before to find great deals. Student car insurance being more expensive than usual it is very important to find the best policy for you. You should compare on what the company offers, and what price they can give. You will then need to request a quote stating your individual circumstances to get a better idea of price.

In order to get a student car insurance discount on your premiums you can take extra precautions for security. Steering wheel locks, up-to-date alarm systems, and immobilizers all help to prevent break-ins and theft, clamping down on your premiums. You should also consider that some cars are much cheaper to insure than others. Smaller, less powerful cars are the way to go for new drivers and students seeking car discount car insurance.

Very Cheap Car Insurance

Does very cheap car insurance exist? Well, it is all relative really but in a word no! What you can do is make sure you always find the best deal available to you at the time. Make sure you insure at the perfect level; enough for what you need, without excessive insurance. Consider what policy type you need.

The cheapest car insurance is third party, but this is also the policy with the most limitations. It only pays out damage to other vehicles. It is much cheaper than full cover, but you risk not getting paid out for your own damages, or thefts and fires. If something goes wrong that you are not covered for then you will be very out of pocket. Your quest for very cheap car insurance should therefore be balanced by the desire to get a car insurance policy that covers your needs.

If you fall into a category that is expensive, such as young drivers and students, you could consider black box insurance, if you are comfortable with the idea of having your driving behaviours recorded. The box tracks the way you drive, but allows the insurer to provide a policy based on you as an individual, not you as a category. This could be a way to get very cheap car insurance, at least if you drive safely that is!