Student Car Insurance Deals

After passing the driving test and you get a driving license, the next thing is getting insurance so that you can drive. As a young person, you want to party, visit friends, go on a date or a road test or drive to school. If you’re going to drive your car, you must get car insurance. All vehicles must have insurance in the UK.

Car insurance for students is expensive compared to that of experienced drivers. This is because students make more claims because they are less experienced and in most cases, they live in areas where there are more criminal activities. Expensive car insurance necessitates one to look for better student car insurance deals.

Student Car Insurance Discount

To get a car insurance discount, you need to shop around. You can compare prices from insurers’ websites. Since car insurance for students are expensive compared to those of older people, it is best to shop for the best deal. You can opt to visit the insurer’s premises and request for an insurance quote based on your circumstances.

To get better discounts for your car insurance, you can improve the security features of your car like installing steering wheel locks, alarm systems and immobilizers. It will prevent your car from break-ins and consequently lower your car insurance premiums. The following are some ways to bring down your insurance costs.

How to Cut on the Cost of Student Car Insurance

One of the ways to cut on the cost of your car insurance is to start building No Claims Discount early enough. This will require you to drive carefully by ensuring you stick to highway codes and making sure you avoid accidents. This will help you to get cheaper premiums as time progresses.

To cut on the cost, buy a cheaper car with a small engine. The model and engine size of your car contributes a lot in determining the premiums you will be paying. Therefore, buy a car that you are sure you are in a position to insure.

Modifications also result in higher insurance premiums. For any modifications you make to your car, you will be required to inform the insurer and pay more for it. As a rule of thumb, don’t make modifications that would result in premiums you cannot pay for.

Park your car in a secure place. For instance, if you have to park your car on the street, make sure that it is a safe place. You can fit your vehicle with tracking devices and also avoid leaving valuables inside the car.

Be aware of the differences and the coverage of the third party and the comprehensive policies. Apart from this, make sure you are aware of all the insurance conditions. For instance, some insurers will require you to fit your vehicle with a black box.

Don’t make a claim unless when it is very necessary. Claiming when it is not very necessary can help you in the short term, but it will take way your No Claims Discount. In this case, you can even be termed as a risky driver and consequently lead to higher premiums.

Don’t list inexperienced drivers. Limit people aged less than 25 to drive your car apart from you. Statistics shows that young drivers aged between 17 and 25 are prone to accidents.

Increase insurance excesses. Paying higher insurance excesses will help you to lower your monthly premiums.

Cheap Car Insurance

You may be wondering if cheap car insurance exists. As a rule of thumb, go for an insurance policy that is best for you and one that you feel covers you well. For instance, third party car insurance is the cheapest insurance. However, it has many limitations and your car is not covered since it only covers other parties. Therefore, you must get an insurance cover that suits your needs.

As an alternative to expensive car insurance for teens and students, you can consider black box insurance. In this case, all your driving habits will be recorded. This includes how you accelerate, how you brake and swerve. In such a case, your car is insured based on your driving habits and not as a category. If you can drive safely, then you are sure of getting the best deal.