Out door adventure insurance

Out door adventure insurance! The great outdoors, fun to be had everywhere. Rock climbing, canoeing, assault courses all great experiences. What happens if you have an accident though? Will your insurance cover it? Or is there insurance in place at the outdoor center?

Every out door adventure center should have insurance in place, public liability insurance and specialist insurance if necessary. This insurance covers them in case of an accident. No insurance means they could potentially get sued for millions.

However before you or your children embark on an out door adventure always check that the center has out door adventure insurance. This will come under their public liability insurance policy, you can check the insurance with a simple phone call. If  you check and they do not have any insurance, then you are risking your lively hood. If you have an accident and can not work then who will pay your bills? and mortgage?

Out door adventure insurance would cover you for any losses you incur, as long as your actions did not breach the insurance guidelines. In all out door adventure insurance policies there will be strict rules set by the insurer. If these rules are broken then the insurance maybe be void and either yourself or the outdoor adventure facility would be liable.

Paintball out door adventure insurance

Paint balling is a prime example of out door adventure, and an obvious place that would require out door adventure insurance. The paintball all though soft are sot at you very fast. If one hit you in the eye then it could blind you! This is why when paint balling masks and safety equipment must always be provided. This rule is written into the outdoor adventure insurance policy held by the paintball canter. Along with about a million other hoops that they have to jump through in order to be insured.

out door adventure insurance
(shot by paintball)

Outdoor adventure insurance like all insurance is paid not because something is going to happen but because something may happen. The insurer therefore has power to make rules that the insuree has to follow in order to be covered. If either the outdoor center or you break these rules then the outdoor activity insurance will not cover you. The insurers under the guise of health and safety have a role to play in most aspects of life now. They scare people into thinking they will be sued, if an accident occurs.