Dog insurance

Dog insurance? My husband said I was crazy. “Why would you insure a dog?” he said. I replied “Annie is not just a dog she is my best friend, I love her more than you! So why shouldn’t I insure her? It makes sense if she get sick the vet bills are covered.”

Not so I can get a replacement dog of course nothing could replace her. I would take out insurance in case she got sick or injured. Vet bills are extremely expensive and I may not be able to pay the bills if she got hurt. A small monthly payment to insure my dog would cover me for all eventualities.

dog insurance
injured dog

If you love your dog, and especially if it’s an expensive pedigree like mine, you really should get an insurance policy. I have friends that had dogs get sick, dogs are are not immune from illness. Many of the diseases that effect us can also effect dogs: cancer, heart disease and obesity are common in canines. My friends dog got cancer. The treatment cost almost ten thousand and then they had to pay to have him put down. Needless to say they were heartbroken and left with huge bills to pay. Dog insurance policies start from just a few pounds a week, although it is best to carefully check what the policy actually covers.

I also have friends that took out a cheap policy. Their dog got injured and unfortunately the dog insurance did not cover them for injury. So be sure to check and remember cheap is not always best!

There are many things that can cause your dog to become sick or injured. Even a simple walk can turn into a nightmare; a bite from another dog, a deep cut from barbed wire and of course the danger from road vehicles. If your dog gets run over and survives, they will probably need immediate life saving surgery or an operation. If you do not have dog insurance and can not pay the vet bills, it is likely they would let your beloved pet die.

Cheap dog insurance

Cheap dog insurance can start from as little as two pounds a week. What this will actually cover though is variable. The cheapest insurance will cover you for the basics and what the cheapest dog insurance covers is down to the insurer. Similarly priced insurance policies can cover you for different things. So always check and choose the dog insurance that you think is best for you. Obviously if you take out more expensive insurance it will cover more, going right the way up to fully comp insurance which should cover your dog for all eventualities.

Some people are on a budget and their income will dictate the level insurance they can afford. It is always a good idea to thoroughly check with the insurer at the time when you take the policy out exactly what the insurance covers. Contact the insurer over the phone. There is less chance of getting the wrong policy. You can obviously take out a policy online but be sure to double check what cover you take out.

Some home insurance policies can cover pets but again this is dependent on your insurer and how much you will have to pay. You may get a better price taking out individual dog insurance.