Professional indemnity insurance physiotherapy.

Physiotherapist insurance or professional physiotherapist indemnity insurance.

There is an ever increasing demand for physiotherapists in both public and private sectors of society. Physiotherapist insurance is needed to cover yourself and your client if something should go wrong. Professional indemnity insurance physiotherapy: financially protects you from any claims that may be made against you. You must have some form of professional liability insurance in order to practice physiotherapy in the UK.

Both physiotherapist insurance and physiotherapist professional indemnity insurance come under the same liable umbrella in terms of cover. There is little actual difference between them and your insurer should notify you of any differences in policy.

Why physiotherapy professional indemnity insurance?

What is the need for insurance and whats the difference? Well physiotherapy professional public liability insurance and physiotherapy indemnity insurance are often confused and it is no surprise they are pretty similar. The main difference being that indemnity insurance covers you as a practicing physio and public liability covers activities related to dealing with the public.

If you are planning to practice your trade on clients then you will need physio professional liability insurance or physiotherapy  indemnity insurance. Both protect against third party injury or damage related to error or omission whilst treating clients. As well as carrying out your professional duty when you provide paid-for advice or services.  Physiotherapy indemnity insurance can vary in cost compared to professional physio liability insurance, so it’s worth getting several quotes before buying your cover.

Do I need physiotherapy professional liability cover if I work from home?

This is something that you should certainly mention to your insurer when arranging your cover. They will ask you an extensive range of question including where you will be working from. It is imperative that you give as much information as accurately as possible to where your work will be carried out.  If you do not then your physiotherapist professional liability insurance will not be valid, you would then be liable to pay damages yourself. Professional physiotherapy indemnity insurance would be another option and you could inquire at the time of taking out the insurance and get guidance and information from the insurance company. They will advise you the best option either physiotherapy professional indemnity insurance or physiotherapy professional liability insurance. Hopefully then you will find the right cover to suite your needs and have piece of mind that you are covered when practicing physiotherapy from home.

Is Professional indemnity insurance physiotherapy needed if I am an employee?

If you are employed your employer should already have physiotherapist insurance in place in the form of professional liability insurance. You will have to check the Professional indemnity insurance physiotherapy that your employer has is changed to cover you at the time of employment (especially if you are making home visits to clients). If you don’t you may be held liable and have to pay for any unforeseen eventualities that may occur.

The need for professional indemnity insurance physiotherapy and public liability insurance is essential for any employer to have that has any contact with the public. Employers that do not have insurance in place would be liable to cover costs themselves. It is a legal requirement in most cases that employers have professional liability insurance and it is worth asking to see their policy before you start to work for them.

Do I need physiotherapist insurance if I am self employed?

Physiotherapists have a tough job, extensive knowledge of the human body is required and at least several years of training is necessary to gain the required skills of a physio. If you are thinking of becoming a self employed physio then it is strongly advised that you take out Professional indemnity insurance physiotherapy and or professional liability insurance. Doing this protects you if you get taken to court and sued.

There are many eventualities that can lead up to a claim being made against you, equipment failure, malpractice or even a simple accident could cost you everything including your home! Taking out physiotherapist insurance or professional liability is common sense when the stakes are so high. If you seriously injure a client or make their condition worse there is a chance that you may be taken to court. Physiotherapist insurance covers you from court cost and any eventual payout made to the client.

This is why professional indemnity insurance physiotherapy based gives you piece of mind. Physiotherapy insurance allows you to practice your self employed physiotherapy business with confidence and covers you and your clients.  Professional liability insurance is a must have in this day and age and you are likely to loose clients with out it.

What physiotherapist insurance is needed to cover liabilities?

The level of insurance cover required is solely based on personal requirement of both you and your clients. Your physiotherapist insurance depends on the level of injuries you will be treating. Some injuries require a much more extensive insurance policy, professional liability insurance policies can vary. It is important that you find the right insurance policy for what you will be practicing.

The insurer will ask you in depth questions about how, where and when you will be practicing physiotherapy, so be sure to take time and answer all the questions as honestly and accurately as possible. It is likely that if you miss any information in filling out your physio insurance policy and a claim is made against you, the insurer will not cover you and will be deemed null and void!