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Laptop insurance

Have you ever had the experience of losing your notebook or damaging your laptop? Well! If you have laptop insurance, then at least you will recover the cost of the laptop, even though you would have lost all the content. A laptop insurance is a good idea, as it is difficult to predict when something could go wrong. It can be anything ranging from theft, spills or even if it is dropped on its head. You never know when an accident might happen and almost always it is far beyond your control.

Most people haven'’t even estimated the value of the items they carry around with them every day. Most of this is not covered by your home contents insurance. It'’s when there is a need to replace their gadgets they realise that it makes a real dent in their savings. Recent research by one of the largest insurance companies in the world, showed that the average person carried almost £ 851 worth of hand held devices while Londoners carried gadgets worth £1034. A study by the BBC showed that there was an 40% increase in muggings in some areas in the UK last year which the police have said is directly connected to increase in handheld and portable gadgets such as cell phones and laptops. A point to note is that a number of these portable handheld devices are not covered by your vanilla variety of home insurance. And in case they do, the premiums are so high that it is really not worth including the electronic devices.

There are a number of types of laptop insurance you could opt for and it would depend largely on your use of the laptop. If you travel aboard a lot on business, then it is advisable to get international cover. If you use your laptop only at home and you feel that your home is secure, then maybe you don’t have to insure against theft. But to be on the safe side it is always better take laptop insurance cover for water damage, theft and accidental damage.

Laptop insurance UK

Most laptop insurance also gives you free laptop maintenance, free address book backup and free mobile phones tracking registration. You are eligible for laptop insurance if you own a laptop which is purchased in the UK, within the last three months and if you have a proof of purchase, such as receipt.
The best way to find out what each insurer is offering is to log on to websites such as, The four top laptop insurance companies listed are Protect your bubble, Gadget cover, JS Insurance and Insurance2go. The first three offer you cover accidental damage, worldwide cover and theft, but no cover for loss. The rates range from £1.45 a month to £24 a month.

Laptop insurance abroad

When heading abroad your UK laptop insurance might not be sufficient. A travel insurance might not cover your laptop. Most travel insurances have a limit to what they cover and a 3000GBP MacBook Pro might be out of the scope. It's good to check what your travel insurance covers exactly before taking off.


If you have a laptop that doesn't leave your house it's also worth to check out our article about computer insurance.