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Public Liability Insurance For Small Business

Public Liability Insurance For Small Business

It is common for small businesses to assume that a public liability insurance is an expensive policy that they don’t have to purchase. Indeed, this is one of the misconception that may end up destabilizing an SME in the event of a claim against it. A public liability insurance is a policy that cover the …


Public Liability Insurance for One Day

Insurers are keen on providing you with a policy that suits your needs rather than availing a one-size-fits-all agreement. In a typical scenario, people purchase a public liability insurance that will be active for a year with the option of renewing it thereafter. However, there are some scenarios need the protection for just a day …


Public Liability Insurance UK

Public liability insurance is a cover you take for your business to protect you against claims from members of the public. The claims can be as a result of property damage or injury. The insurance covers you against such claims, while it also meets the legal costs. Public Liability Insurance Cost Public liability insurance price …