Public Liability Insurance for One Day

Insurers are keen on providing you with a policy that suits your needs rather than availing a one-size-fits-all agreement. In a typical scenario, people purchase a public liability insurance that will be active for a year with the option of renewing it thereafter. However, there are some scenarios need the protection for just a day rather than for the whole year. In such cases, 1 day public liability insurance UK is a suitable solution. For as long as the policy is active, it will offer you similar coverage as the ordinary policy.

Can I Get a Public Liability Insurance for One Day?

Insurers are keen on availing insurance products that are tailor-made to meet the needs of an individual policyholder as opposed to presenting a standard cover for everyone. As such, it is possible to get a public liability insurance for one day.

Is a Public Liability Insurance One Day Cover Worth It?

Individuals and businesses purchase public liability cover due to their constant interactions with the public and the probable risk of liability claims. This is not to mean that a liability claim cannot emerge from a one-off event. In fact, the risk of such legal actions could be higher than that of an ordinary business. For instance, it may be more likely for a member of the public to sue you for property damage or bodily harm in a wedding function than in a setup where you are working from home. What’s more, the expenses associated with a liability claim may be too high for a business of whatever size or form. With this in mind, you cannot afford to dismiss a public liability insurance even if it’s for a one-off function. If you are considering to organize a single event, purchase a suitable public liability insurance one day cover.

When Should I Consider Purchasing a 1 Day Public Liability Insurance UK?

The public liability insurance one off event UK is a special package. That means that if you intend to hold numerous single events throughout the year, the insurance company is likely to insist that you purchase a more comprehensive public liability insurance. However, there are certain scenarios that warrant the 1 day public liability insurance UK. This includes:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Sporting event
  • Music festival
  • Craft fair
  • Theatre production
  • Wedding Event
  • Parties


Is It Compulsory to Have a Public Liability Cover for a One Off Event?

Similar to the long-term public liability policy, businesses and individuals are not required by law to have a public liability policy when organizing a one-off event. Nonetheless, it is always important to protect yourself and your business from the hefty losses that may result from a liability claims. The reality is that accidents and subsequent liability claims are just as likely to occur in a single event as they are in an everyday setup. As long as the public is involved, whether directly or indirectly, ensure that you purchase a suitable public liability insurance.

What Does a One Day Public Liability Insurance UK Cover?

Essentially, a 1 day public liability insurance will offer you the same coverage as the one purchased for a year. However, it is important to note that you will not be covered for an accident that happened during the one day event after the policy has expired. With this in mind, the policy will cover the administrative, legal, and compensation costs of the following cases:

  • Bodily harm: If a member of public is injured while at the event or falls sick due to a product you offered at the function, he/she will be compensated through your public liability cover.
  • Property damage: consider this scenario; you or your workers are pitching a tent and one of the iron rods hits and breaks the window of a car parked nearby. In the event of such an accident, the 1 day public liability insurance will come in handy.
  • Advertisement injury or the violation of one’s intellectual property rights: a member of public may present a liability claim against you on the grounds that an advert presented on the day of the event defamed him or his business. In other cases, you could be sued for infringing on the intellectual property rights of a third party. In such situations, your public liability insurance one day cover will be applicable.
  • Reputational damage: a business rivalry may claim that an assertion or act at your event damaged his reputation or that of his business. Having a public liability insurance one off event UK will save you a substantial amount of money since it will cater for the incurred compensation costs.

What Doesn’t a One Day Public Liability Insurance Cover?

  • Errors made when delivering your professional services: If you have organized a workshop and a client sues you alleging that you offer him erroneous advice that had a negative impact on him, the public liability cover will not be applicable. However, if you have a professional indemnity insurance, it will come in handy.
  • Damage on your property: the public liability insurance one day will only cover the property of a third party and not your own. For the latter case, consider a property insurance policy.
  • Injury on a worker: the public liability insurance does not consider a worker as a third party. In case an employee is injured or falls sick while at work, it is the workers’ compensation insurance that will cater for the resultant expenses.


A 1 day public liability insurance is purchased for special occasions. It is important to note that the policy will only cover you for as long as it is active. With reference to the incidences that the policy covers and excludes, its details are often similar to those of an ordinary public liability insurance.

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