Life Insurances for Over 50 in UK

Life insurance for over 50s and over is something that you need to have if you are aged 50. If you have a family that depends on you, then this is something that you shouldn’t miss. Making a well-informed decision will help your dependents. It is not something that you need to wait until you are 50. Instead, you can look for life insurance under 50. At 50, it is when you need to evaluate and see if you have the best life insurance policy.

Life Insurance for Over 50 in Ireland

If you reside in Ireland, there are several life insurance providers. You can check from online comparison tools and see the available options for life insurance over 50 Ireland. When looking for the best life insurance over 50, you need to make use of online comparison tools. This way, you will get the best life insurances for over 50. Getting the best policy is the best thing since your family will benefit a lot in case of your death. Moreover, choosing the wrong policy will make your family even poorer.

The insurance policy is very critical, especially during the old age. The policy pays the guaranteed sum of money to your dependents when you die. Most of the insurers will not ask health questions making it free to anyone above 50 years. You will pay the premiums until when you reach the age of 90. After hitting 90 years, you will stop paying the premiums but your cover will continue.

You can choose to leave the guaranteed amount to your family or loved ones or decide to use it to pay for your funeral expenses. Alternatively, it can be used to pay off the debts and loans you may have accumulated.

Home Insurance for Over 50s

Statistics show that the older people make fewer claims for homes. This makes home insurance deals over 50s less expensive compared to that of people below 50s. Those over 50s can be counted to be honest about the amount they have lost. Also, they are also offered higher contents cover so that they can insure more. There are many discounts and good deals available for over 50s. House insurance over 50 can include both the building and its contents.

House Insurance for Over 50s

You must compare life insurance for over 50s from different providers that specialize with over 50s. You need to find out what kind of policy you need. There are two types of home insurance over 50; building insurance and contents insurance.

Building insurance over 50s have flexible options for people aged 50 and above. The policy covers the main structure of the building. What this means is that it covers the walls, roof and other structures fitted within the building like the bathroom.

Contents Insurance for Over 50’s

Since most home insurance deals over 50s offer wider contents coverage, you need to take advantage of the coverage. You need to make sure you have included all the items in your house, ranging from the cheap ones to the expensive ones like the jewelry and antiques.
It is also important to cross-check what you have included to be insured to avoid paying twice for the same item which could be covered by another policy. We recommend that you go from room to room and writing own the cost of each item instead of providing the insurer with a rough figure.

What is Term Level Insurance?

A term level insurance is an insurance policy where the insured amount is paid on death. The payout amount remains the same throughout the policy period.

There is increasing term insurance policies that increase by 5% every year. This is in line with inflation levels and it is important for long term levels of insurance. There is also the decreasing term increase that decreases every ear. The cover decreases every year until the policy becomes zero. This kind of insurance is used to cover a loan repayment.

There is also the convertible term insurance policy that you can convert to whole life insurance over 50 or endowment policy. You can still get this policy even when your health is not good. However, the premiums are usually much higher compared to other policies.


You can use the online tools to compare over 50’s life insurance. If you are below 50 years, consider life insurance for under 50. However, it is like to be more expensive compared to term life insurance over 50. Alternatively, you can shop around and could get the cheapest life insurance for over 50. This way, you will compare life insurance quotes over 50 and see the one that suits your needs.