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A Taxi Breakdown Cover

A taxi breakdown cover is really what you need. Imagine when your taxi stops working. From home when the engine doesn’t start, or even on the road when you have an accident with passengers inside the taxi. That’s what you want a taxi breakdown cover for.

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Primary taxi insurances


London Taxi Insurance

Taxi insurance differs to insurance for a normal vehicle because it also insures the passenger who is paying for the journey. London taxi insurance can be expensive, so here is a quick guide.

 Black Taxi Insurance

Black Taxi Insurance

Black taxi insurance is vehicle insurance issued to drivers that have the knowledge and passed the exam and licensed to drive a black taxi. Black taxi drivers are faced with many risks, and they need to protect themselves, their cars, and clients.


Taxi Insurance Northern Ireland

Taxi insurance policies in Northern Island offer insurance whether you are operating as a black cab, private hire car, or are operating an entire fleet of taxis.

taxi breakdown cover

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How to Find Cheap Taxi Insurance

Getting cheap taxi insurance can be challenging in the UK. There are some minimum taxi insurance requirements you need to meet first. For taxis, standard car insurance is not enough since you are carrying people for pay. It would help if you had comprehensive taxi insurance to cover the people you are carrying.