Car insurance

Car insurance became obligatory in the United Kingdom with a 1930 decision by the government. The Road Traffic Act 1988 is the most recent law governing car insurance. It's an offense to use or to let others use a car without insurance. One of the best ways to find a good car insurance is to compare insurances online.

6 Month Car Insurance

Sometimes you only need a six month car insurance plan, not a full year. So this type of short term car insurance is gaining considerable popularity. Many cars are kept in the garage during winter, so when spring approaches it's time to find a good car insurance before you get on the road again.

The importance of holding a flexible car insurance policy is easily understood as there are many occasions when it isn’t feasible to renew your car insurance for a whole year. Especially if you don’t use your car on a daily or weekly basis.

Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance cover is available for anyone with a driving license who requires temporary use of a vehicle. Policies can cover you for anything from one day, a week, a month or even 6 months. But just because you are only looking for short term car insurance does not mean that you shouldn't pay attention to the offers and policies that are available to you.

Car insurance for teens

So you are 17, you have a driver's license and in line to buy a new car. Selecting the right car for a teenager is important because the cost of insurance depends on it. And unfortunately, car insurance for teenagers is a bit more expensive than insurance for more experienced drivers.

Rental Car Insurance

A specialized rental car insurance policy can save you a lot of money. The biggest cost of car rental is most usually the insurance. Rental car insurance covers one in the event that a hired car is stolen or damaged. You can purchase the insurance from a rental car company or from a third party.

Car Insurance Northern Ireland

Car insurance is already expensive, but in Northern Ireland is even more expensive than it is elsewhere in the UK. Car insurance is a legal requirement for all vehicles on the road, and the rules and policies available in Northern Ireland are no different to those in England. The only difference is the price.

London Taxi Insurance

London. What a city! You just have to love it, despite all that traffic, which as a taxi driver you have developed something of a zen indifference to, right? The city couldn't function without the service that taxi drivers provide.

Taxi Insurance Northern Ireland

Taxi insurance policies in Northern Island offer insurance whether you are operating as a black cab, private hire car, or are operating an entire fleet of taxis. Every vehicle on the road needs to be insured, and the same is true of your taxi. Insurance for taxis is often more expensive than for other vehicles, and although this may seem unfair at first, there are reasons for this.

Student Car Insurance Deals

After passing the driving test and you get a driving license, the next thing is getting insurance so that you can drive. As a young person, you want to party, visit friends, go on a date or a road test or drive to school. If you're going to drive your car, you must get car insurance. All vehicles must have insurance in the UK.

Best Car Insurance For Students

When you are trying to determine the best car insurance for students, there are a few factors to take into consideration first. Additionally, determining where the vehicle is kept for the young person driving it will also affect the price quotes you receive. With that being said, we wanted to create this article to help our readers get a better understanding on how they can go about trying to get the best coverage at affordable rates, so let's get right to it.

Monthly van insurance

Auto insurance is necessary for all drivers or vehicle owners so that they will be financially protected against vehicle damages and injuries related to traffic accidents. But, it is undeniably true that most of these insurances are quite expensive. Considering the fuel costs, steep tax and high priced commodities nowadays, it can be a burden to purchase a good insurance policy.

Car insurance groups

Car insurance groups determine the money you're going to spend on your car insurance. Here you can find lists that can help determine the car insurance group of a specific car.

New cars are usually in an insurance group that can range from 20 down to 1, where 1 means the lowest risk and thus the lowest car insurance premium.

Factors that determine the insurance group:

Classic car insurance

Classic cars hold a lot of allure. If you (want to) own a classic car it's good to go compare classic car insurances. Oldtimers mostly lack safety features considered basic nowadays. No seat belts, rollover protection, ABS or crumple zones. Car insurance companies are well aware of this. On the other hand most collectible cars are mostly locked up inside a garage.

Why get a courier insurance?

If you are running a business you will have to be prepared for the all eventualities that this entreprise could bring. If you are running a courier business; you must have all facets of the business well insured. Most courier businesses are vehicle-based, so each and every vehicle – vans, motorbikes, cars, trucks – have to have adequate cover.

Women's car insurance

Women drivers all over the world have always been faced with irritation from their male counterparts. There is huge negativity revolving around the fact that females cannot be good drivers and there are numerous jokes which are hurled at the female folks to point to this fact.

1 month car insurance

There must have been instances in the past where you must have thought about if it is possible to get car insurances for very short periods of time which will be best considering your circumstances. There are certain situations where you do not need a long term insurance plan and a short term insurance cover definitely works in your favour.

How to compare car insurances?

If you own a car, you are sure to have heard about car insurances and must also be familiar with terms such as deductible and premium. But merely hearing these words is not enough to understand the exact nature of the car insurance industry. You need to understand how this industry exactly works and what are the different sections covered under an auto insurance policy.

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