About Insurance6.co.uk

The website Insurance6.co.uk offers insurance information in the United Kingdom. With Insurance6.co.uk we aim at offering insurance advice on various insurance products. We want to help people to make the best decisions before buying any insurance product. As such, we want to help out by comparing insurance quotes and offers from different insurers, as well as offering the information that is really needed to know. In addition, we offer insurance products review.

Our mission is to equip our audience with insurance literacy and help them get value for their money. Currently, our primary focus is in the United Kingdom.

How We Do It?

We look at the internet queries people use in order to see what information people are looking for. We then look at their questions they may have and do our best to find answers to their questions. We also check for new insurance products and inform you as and when there is a new product. We continually update our information to ensure it is up to date. This way, you can rely on the best advice we offer.

We collaborate with different insurance product providers to help you compare quotes and offers from various insurance providers. This way, you can compare prices, terms, conditions, and coverage of any insurance before signing up.

About Insurance

It is amazing how insurance has shaped local and international commerce. We realize that insurance is critical in shaping economies in different countries. As we go on, we keep on learning more about insurance in different countries. We create a link between present-day insurance and in-depth knowledge about insurance from the past.


Insurance6 is a project by SEO Crew OU. We have a team of dedicated writers with insurance and financial expertise. This way, we can reach out to our audience with the best insurance advice.


Robin is a former financial journalist who started focusing on the web in the early 2000’s. He writes a lot about financial issues, focusing on consumer and business information. With insurance6.co.uk he aims to offer transparent information about insurances in the UK.


Kasper is the founder of insurance6.co.uk. He is a web consultant and an experienced author with a background in mathematics and technology. He has worked with the government, NGOs and businesses on six different continents.


Vincent is an experienced author in insurance and finance. He is a graduate of the University of Eldoret with a degree in Applied Statistics with Computing. He has extensive knowledge and interest in insurance. He is the founder of Nexin Startups, a platform that offers advice about startups and business ideas. He has written articles that rank on Google’s first page.


For any questions, please contact Kasper through kasper.re/contact.