Travel Insurance


Travel insurance for backpackers

Backpacking as a form of travel has evolved over the years but it is still associated with budget transport and budget accommodation. This is also the reason that you need travel insurance protection when you travel to countries where health care standards are not high. Never forget to carry the insurance policy and the company’s …


What does a travel insurance cover?

When travelling on vacation one needs to be totally carefree to really enjoy the trip. But, anything can happen to play spoilsport: an accident, a medical emergency or an unfortunate event that forces you to cut back on that fascinating holiday. To make matters worse, the unexpected expenses that comes with such an eventuality for …


Direct Travel Insurance

Whenever you are travelling especially when going on a holiday, you must make sure that you have direct travel insurance. It is better to have direct travel holiday insurance than to start looking for one after an accident has occurred. It may seem as if insurance is a waste of money. However, if an accident …